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Updated August 29, 2015

Restore the DreamRestore the Dream

A resource site of objective data and 3rd party opinion for public policy and lending decision makers helping to restore confidence in the American dream of homeownership

  • Mortgage Insurance

    An Industry Working to Restore the Dream

    Primarily designed to protect lenders against the additional risk of underwriting loans for more than 80% of a home's value, mortgage insurance also has a stabilizing and stimulating effect on the housing market in general. Select the tabs below to learn more about the fundamental role mortgage insurance plays in the housing industry.

  • Private Capital at Risk

    Legally required to put half of all premiums in a cash reserve for 10 years, mortgage insurance companies, by design, will build capital during positive cycles so that claims can be paid in market downturns. As a result, the industry puts vast reserves of private capital at risk, covering close to $1 trillion in mortgages today. Being in this first-loss position motivates mortgage insurers to underwrite prudently and help borrowers avoid foreclosure.

  • Sustainable & Affordable Housing

    By enabling the prudent underwriting of low down payment loans, mortgage insurance is a proven way to stimulate sustainable and affordable home sales. For more than 50 years, mortgage insurers have been a stabilizing force through market cycles with a record of opposing other exotic loan structures that add unnecessary vulnerabilities.

    Download these PDFs for more information:
    Making Good Credit Decisions See how mortgage insurers apply their experience to make good credit decisions.
    Fully Documented Loan Files A good credit decision involves reviewing a fully documented loan file.

    sustainable and affordable housing
  • Borrower & Investor Alignment

    A healthy housing industry depends on a healthy mortgage industry. Being in a first-loss position, mortgage insurers align the interests of borrowers and investors in avoiding foreclosure. They adhere to prudent underwriting standards and put robust programs in place to help borrowers avoid foreclosure.

    Borrower and Investor Alignment
  • Expanding Prudent Lending

    Mortgage insurance provides capital relief to lenders who underwrite low down payment home loans, which frees up more bank capital to support more mortgage lending. This capital flexibility allows for more home loans to happen, thus helping reduce the high levels of excess housing inventory currently in the market.

    Expanding Prudent Lending

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Promontory Financial Group Study
Now Available

This independent study shows that low down payment mortgages with mortgage insurance are significantly less likely to default than uninsured low down payment loans with a "piggyback" second mortgage. Read the study.

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